M64 Pro

We are out of open beta. As a small team, we can no longer provide all our AI services for free. Please subscribe to access our AI tools.

Paid Trial

7 day access to Linked XP, SEO Stan, and Welma.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly access to Linked XP, SEO Stan, and Welma.

Yearly Subscription (Deal)

Yearly access to Linked XP, SEO Stan, and Welma.

GPT3.5 Chat

One month access to GPT3.5 Chat. Ask before purchasing.

Frequently asked questions

What is M64 Pro?

M64 Pro is a subscription tier that gives users access to our AI-powered services such as Linked XP, SEO Stan, and Welma.

Is there a free trial for M64 Pro?

No. We offer a paid trial pack for users who want to test the services before committing to a subscription.

Can I get a refund for M64 Pro?

We do not offer refunds for M64 Pro. We offer a paid trial instead. We are a small team and can’t afford the resources to host and convert free tier users. However, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Why are activations not instant?

In our early stage, all activations are done manually via our back-end. You’ll receive an activation link within 12 hours of subscribing. And the subscription will be only clocked when we generate the activation URL. Moreover, we only have 200 user seats at this stage.

How do I manage my M64 Pro subscription?

Subscriptions for M64 Pro are managed through Lemon Squeezy. Visit this page and enter your email address to access your past orders with Studio M64.

Do you offer a custom package for enterprises, agencies, or educational institutions?

Yes, please contact [email protected].

Do you collect user activity and logs?

We collect anonymized app and website usage data. Read the privacy policy here.