AI Services

We offer cutting-edge AI services to help businesses and creatives stay ahead of the competition. We’ve curated a range of powerful AI tools and applications designed to help you improve your online presence, streamline your workflow, and maximize your productivity.

Our services include:

GPT64: GPT64 provides access to individuals who cannot access OpenAI’s ChatGPT in their respective countries. The implementation of GPT64 aims to provide everyone with equal opportunity to access language assistance technology. Please note that OpenAI owns a trademark of “ChatGPT.” You need a GPT64 subscription to use the service.

LinkedXP: Elevate your LinkedIn game with Linked XP. A micro service for enhancing your LinkedIn experience. With AI-assisted rewriting features to help you create a new post, announce a new job, congratulate someone, decline invitations professionally, rewrite posts with clarity, and more, LINKED XP enables you to navigate the platform with confidence and etiquette. The AI service only works for paid trial users and M64 Pro subscribers.

SEO Stan: An AI powered SEO tool for busy bloggers, indie-hackers, and makers who’ve finalized their niche keywords. You can use SEO Stan to learn SEO terms, generate research tips, blog post ideas, search-friendly article titles, meta descriptions, URL slugs, etc.

Welma: Whether you’re reading a complex academic paper, a news article, or a social media post, Welma helps you break down the meaning behind every word, so you can fully grasp the content. Welma can also help you with fixing grammar and assist you with email writing.

Begone Spammer (free): Outwit spammers with AI-generated replies. Generate a personalized snappy reply and show the uninvited who’s in charge. Whether you’re looking to have a little fun or want to assert dominance over your inbox, Begone Spammer is the perfect sidekick for the job.

Gen Z Translator (free): An imperfect AI tool that poorly tries to convert any given text to Gen Z slang and vice versa. Please understand this project is based on gpt-3.5-turbo model. Made for fun and it does not necessarily represent any demographic. Take it lightly.

This Product Does Not Exist (free): Let AI reinvent the wheel. One product at a time. Enter a product or service type and wait for the AI to generate product name, tagline, and description.

At Studio M64, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best AI services available. Whether you want to improve your content creation capabilities, grow your professional network, optimize your website for search engines, or provide better customer support, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.